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Creating impact with strong principles

Our Values

To help you make the best business decisions means having strong values and guiding principles in place.

At EUNEPA, we are not only driven by our mission to shape intelligent business decisions in a complex world, but we also set great importance on how we affect this change. Every day, our values – which we developed together as a team – drive us to co-create confident solutions and to set the highest social and ethical standards, both for your business and for each other.


We believe in the power of integrity – of doing the right thing – without cutting corners. To guard our clients’ reputation just like our own, we are truthful to our clients and stakeholders, and openly share issues or dangers if we see them. This leads to strong relationships based on honesty and trust, and to more sustainable business outcomes.


A strong sense of obligation runs through our company. This means that when we give our word, we keep it. We take ownership of every project and are committed to design and implement the most feasible solutions to achieve your goals.


Acting with professionalism, to us, means to be clear and concrete, use the latest methodologies and highest standards when designing your individual solutions. We maintain client confidence and an independent perspective during every step, and only use the best sources and intelligence for your business.


Positivity and respect go hand in hand for us. We approach our clients and each other with positivity, enthusiasm and respect to co-create rewarding results across all levels. In the same way, we approach challenges. We are not afraid of obstacles and believe every problem can be solved, if only approached with the right tools.


We believe that a curious and open mind is essential to discover new opportunities. Assess before reject – this is how we approach new ideas. We value the courage to expand the idea of what is possible and the constant willingness to adapt and improve. Together, these characteristics allow our clients not only to keep pace with change, but to create it.


As a boutique consulting firm, we set great importance on transparency to maintain a clear stance on independence and sustain the trust of our clients. We do not accept hidden agendas or conflicts of interest, as they impede performance and business sustainability. Producing work that is free of bias is crucial to ensuring true value and highest quality.

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