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The RAISE Learning Experience for Leaders and Teams

Are you seeking learning with real-world application? Take your learning to new heights with transformative RAISE journeys towards personal and professional growth.

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RASIE Your Game, RAISE Your SKills:

A Look Inside RAISE Learning

Tackling your challenges

Are These Issues Holding You Back?

RAISE is the all-in-one learning experience designed to address your pain points and empower you and your team.

From personalised learning journeys to peer learning and expert coaching for real behaviour change, RAISE offers tailored solutions to tackle your challenges and support your individual learning goals.

 The RAISE Advantage

Purposeful Learning for Real-World Application

RAISE is a tried-and-tested learning model that has been specifically designed to address the learning challenges faced by leaders and teams.

Built on the foundation of the recognised framework of Bloom’s taxonomy, RAISE is an updated approach to learning that emphasises translating knowledge into action. Through a cyclical approach, RAISE guides learners from a state of “being” to “doing”.

Every learning journey, strategy and coaching experience we offer is tailored to your needs and goals, and designed within the RAISE framework to

1) Reflect and build awareness
2) Awaken and activate your strengths
3) achieve real Impact through applying your learning
4) Sustain new habits and
5) Empower yourself and others with new tools and techniques.


Choose Your RAISE Experience

RAISE Learning

For Individuals & Teams

Explore personalised and popular online learning journeys designed just for you and your team.

RAISE Enterprise Solutions

For 200+ Learners

Maximise the potential of your employees with a fully-customised, branded learning platform tailored to your needs.

RAISE Coaching & Peer Learning

For Individuals & Teams

Achieve your learning goals with expert guidance and accountability through personal coaching sessions. Add-on to RAISE Learning or your own platform.

RAISE Your Talents

For Talent Teams

Empower your talents through tailor-made programmes designed to identify and develop them to their full potential.


What You Get

Pain Point Identification

Peer Learning

Progress Checks

Personal Guidance

Skills Development



Self-Driven Learning

“Our learning platform greatly helped me improve both my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. It enhanced my character and confidence in interacting with the customers, stakeholders and colleagues.”

— G. A., Operations & Service Management

“With presentations, videos, and other interactive content of this platform, I have greatly increased my engagement at my workplace with specific topics such as Microsoft-based Office Tools like Microsoft Teams, Excel and other modules.”

— M. K., Operations & Service Management

“What motivated me to learn was the way and manner the modules were structured. Also, the facilitators were so impressive that I just couldn't stop learning."

— M. E., Sales

Learning for new joiners

“Being a new joiner to the company, the learning has equipped me by bridging certain knowledge gaps I had and has aided my capacity to deliver especially on my role.”

— P. E., Sales

A Culture of Learning

“The platform has created a culture of learning by setting up a real track for all teams and individuals to learn.”

— A. R., Operations and Service Management

Mobile Learning

“I like the flexibility of taking the training anywhere at anytime.”

— D. C., Sales

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