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Strategic Reports

To make confident and intelligent business decisions, a strong analysis is essential. Data alone, however, is not enough. It takes in-depth market insight and analytical capabilities to create independent assessments with impact.

For over two decades, the EUNEPA network has had a reputation for a unique strength in conducting in-depth analysis and tailor-made reports to address specific questions raised by you. Drawing on highest quality sources from industry and economy, the reports provide practical insight to help you translate complex data into intelligent business decisions.

The EUNEPA reports, focusing on practical and actionable intelligence, come in different formats:

  • Multi-client and sector reports
    Regularly updated reports on issues of interest for international investors, including latest data, analysis and strategic assessments. The sector reports provide clients with all the basic information and analysis to make an informed strategic decision. For more client-specific analysis, a tailor-made report would be more appropriate.
  • Tailor-made reports
    Tailor-made reports delve deeper into the strategic issues that customers may face and offer client-specific analysis.
  • Human capital data services
    The EUNEPA human capital data service includes reports on compensation and benefits, talent and employee total cost in different countries.





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