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Navigating complexity with actionable intelligence

Strategy and Risk Management

In an era of constant transformation and volatility, generating growth is becoming increasingly more challenging. To capitalize on new opportunities, a strong strategy needs to keep pace with rapid change while navigating risk with foresight and confidence.

As interest in the rising potential of Eurasia’s emerging markets gains importance, mitigating risks of doing business in the region is becoming a key concern for companies. However, risk management based on nuanced foresight can become a competitive advantage for your business and present an opportunity to grow and succeed.

At EUNEPA, we believe in tailor-made solutions through a dynamic approach that builds on a clear understanding of your strategic goals. By teaming up with your relevant business functions, we gain a comprehensive view of risk exposures and identify your individual concerns, ambitions and potential. Based on this assessment, we develop a strategy customized to your specific needs to ensure effectiveness and help you make complex decisions with confidence.

Backed by a global network with in-depth market expertise, we provide you with strong data, actionable intelligence and independent advice to support you in all stages of business development, from market analysis to strategy implementation and setting up of local presence.

Questions our clients have

  • How can we mitigate the impact of political risks in a target market?


  • What are the hidden business or reputational risks? How do we mitigate them?


  • How can we align our strategies with the realities in the target market?


  • Does our presence and investment in one market undermine our business opportunities in other markets?
  • How do we keep pace with rapid change without stifling long-term strategic goals?


  • Which geopolitical developments will change our risk profile and how do we trace them?


  • How do we identify emerging scenarios and their impact on company strategy?


  • Who are our stakeholders and how do we engage them without generating new risks?


Strategic intelligence

(Political, regulatory & risk analysis)

Business intelligence

(Due diligence, corruption investigations)

Competitor intelligence & analysis

Partnership strategy

M&A strategy

Stakeholder mapping & communication strategy

Market entry strategies & market research

Business partner selection strategy

Risk assessment & risk mitigation strategy

Tailor-made sector specific studies

Facilitation of business delegations


Feasibility studies

Social impact studies

Signature service

Stakeholder Mapping 

Understanding the diversity of stakeholders in a target market and developing a communication strategy that is fully aligned with the company’s specific strategies in various markets and countries, requires a nuanced approach. EUNEPA is well equipped to assist clients in identifying stakeholders and engaging them with a creative and constructive communication strategy so that it would facilitate the client’s ultimate strategic goals.

Signature service

Developing Triangle Solutions 

Spanning EUNEPA’s current key regions of Europe, Turkey, Iran and Central Asia, we have successfully developed “triangle solutions” for clients who have the opportunity of utilizing the presence in one market to benefit from neighboring markets.

Triangle solutions offer an excellent way to leverage opportunities across borders in regions that commonly do not unite due to regulatory challenges by partnering with a bridge region with access to both. Based on common interests and a united aim, these strategic partnerships can thrive across borders and tap into new growth. They can also be used to mitigate political or sanctions risks in specific markets.

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Advisory on Geopolitics of Energy 

Eurasia is home to a number of countries and regions that directly influence the geopolitics of global energy. It includes the Persian Gulf as well as the Caspian Basin as two important hubs of energy production. Furthermore, the region includes Turkey as one of the main transit routes for oil and gas coming from Eurasia to Europe and world markets.

The culmination of the geopolitical factors in this vast region has a direct impact on the sustainability of production, international crude prices, oil and gas flows and many other developments in the global energy market. Our team is in a unique position to understand and analyze key developments in the region’s energy sectors, regional policies and security implications and their impact on strategies of our clients.

Your Benefits

Maximize new opportunities

Unlock your business’s full potential by carefully evaluating, mitigating and managing risk based on strong and intelligent market analysis, and turn uncertainty into opportunity.

Expand your reach

Reach new markets by identifying regional cross-border opportunities with the most promising potential for your business. You will receive full support from Eunepa’s global network of market and industry experts as well as Eunepa’s local presence to support you in every aspect of your expansion.

Manage stakeholders efficiently

One of the big shortcomings in the existing strategies of international companies is their lack of attention to specific stakeholders. Our approach includes a nuanced map of stakeholders helping you understand their attitudes and the needed communication strategy. The set of data and analysis helps you be prepared and manage some of the risks through timely and constructive stakeholder communication.

Mitigate vulnerabilities

Strong risk management not only identifies and navigates risk, but minimizes the likelihood and impact of surprises, and includes response planning to increase resiliency and risk coping capability within your team.

Accelerate growth

Accelerate your growth by tapping into the right opportunities at the right time with the appropriate strategy, while using a lean approach to free up resources and attain operational excellence.

Improve financial performance

Achieve greater capital efficiency and higher risk-adjusted returns by effective risk management to reduce the total cost of risk and thereby freeing up capital for additional investments.

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