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RAISE Coaching & Peer Learning

Deepen and apply your learning with a personal RAISE coach, individually or in a team. Stay accountable and achieve real behaviour change in leadership and team performance.


Two Ways to Reach Your Goals

One-on-One Coaching

In Person | Online

Facilitated Peer Learning

In Person | Online | Hybrid


One-on-One Coaching

Our expert coaches are dedicated to understanding your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations.

RAISE Coaching supports learners through personalised accountability and guidance to apply their learning and achieve real behaviour change.

This includes regular follow-ups and tracking their progress.

In these sessions, our certified RAISE Coaches guide learners using the RAISE model through (1) Reflection, (2) Awakening and activating their strengths, (3) creating real-life Impact on their on-the-job challenges, (4) ensuring Sustainable habits, and finally (4) to Empower themselves and others.

The approach builds on learners’ strengths and focuses on adopting best practices, tools and techniques to generate new ideas and solutions to reach their goals.


Facilitated Peer Learning

In RAISE Peer Learning, a certified RAISE Coach guides a team in small group sessions to reflect on their key take-aways and learn from each other by discussing real-life scenarios.

Peer Learning sessions motivate participants by creating spaces of connection and help to build and enhance a culture of learning.

our raise coaches

Meet Your Coaches

Our Team of Coaches are accredited CTI and ICF Coaches.

They come from diverse backgrounds and are fluent in different languages. While they are experienced coaches, they are also trained on the RAISE Leadership Coaching Model. The RAISE Model works regardless of organisational and national cultures. 

DR. Pari namazie


Managing Partner | RAISE Coach

Pascal Maygnan



Salma zarroug



Jim Herman

Managing Partner | RAISE Coach

Steffi Bärmann


isabelle demangeat

RAISE Coach | Facilitator

what you get

Coaching Benefits

Behaviour Change

Deepen your learning from your programme or platform to achieve behaviour change

Application in Workplace

Apply your learning at your workplace with personal support through your RAISE Coach

Real-life Learning

Learn from your peers’ experience and through real-life scenarios

Reflection on Strengths

Reflect to connect your learning with existing strengths and break out of limiting beliefs

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