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Women's Group Coaching Programme

Whole-Person Leadership Programme 2022

Live and Lead with Purpose

    • How do I stop living on autopilot and connect to a vision that inspires me?
    • What is holding me back and how can I overcome it?
    • What does a fulfilling life mean to me?
    • How can I integrate my purpose into my career and daily life?
    • How can I tap into my strengths to lead with my fullest energy and confidence?

    In this transformative 8-week programme, embark on a self-discovery journey to dig deep into yourself and connect to your heart, purpose and power to make the changes you want and live a fulfilled life.

    Programme Details

    Format: An 8-week online group coaching programme for women leaders

    Number of participants: 8-10 max

    Session dates: Tuesdays, 05 April | 12 April | 19 April | 26 April | 03 May | 10 May | 17 May | 24 May | 31 May

    Choose morning or afternoon group

    Morning group time: 08:00-09:30 CEST / 09:00-10:30 Joburg / 11:00-12:30 Dubai / 15:00-16:30 KL

    Afternoon group time: 17:00-18:30 CEST / 11:00-12:30 EST / 08:00-09:30 PST / 18:00-19:30 Joburg / 19:00-20:30 Dubai

    Coaches: Pari Namazie (CPCC/PCC) and Salma Zarroug (CPCC/ACC)


    Registration dates: Early bird registration until 18 March. Normal registration: 19-28 March. Registration closes 28 March.

    What Will You Gain?

    Discover the full range of your abilities and potential
    Gain self-awareness of your unique values and purpose
    Use the intelligence, wisdom, and power of your heart to realise your goals
    Experience the power of being with like-minded individuals who hold and amplify your vision
    9 weeks of ongoing support and inspiration

    Who Is This Programme For?

    This programme will be a good fit if you are (but not limited to)

    • Navigating career and motherhood, craving to bring more inspiration into your life
    • A creative entrepreneur who currently runs or would like to start your own business or side project
    • A high achiever who would like to break through the glass ceiling at your workplace
    • Reached a point where you feel stuck, seeking meaning and purpose
    • In a transitional stage of your life and searching for purpose
    • Looking for a new challenge and wanting to leap and breakout of your comfort zone
    • Someone who appreciates opportunities to enhance your knowledge, enjoys connecting with others over interesting conversations


    Week 1 – Welcome & Introduction

    In the first session, we will welcome all participants, get to know each other, and lay the foundations for the group coaching programme. We will also explore the key challenges we face in different areas of our lives. During this session, we will:

    • Review the “Wheel of life”
    • Build a strong, conscious “Designed Alliance”

    Week 2 – Identifying Our Values & Life Purpose

    In this session, we will reconnect to what grounds us and makes us who we truly are, and what it means to create a life that is in greater alignment with our values, life purpose, and true heart desires. During this session, we will:

    • Identify your unique “Values”
    • Explore what it means to connect with your “Values” and “Life Purpose”
    • Explore what it means to be true to oneself and honour our values on a regular and consistent basis
    • Life Purpose Visualisation & Statement

    Week 3 – Understanding What Holds Us Back

    We all have self-sabotaging inner voices or “saboteurs” that hold us back. Every time we ponder about a bigger dream or a challenging goal, these voices become louder and more powerful. During this week’s session, we will:

    • Identify your self-defeating influences “Saboteurs,” sometimes referred to as “Inner Critic,” “Negative Self Talk” and understand how they hold us back from achieving long-term success
    • Complete the Saboteur Assessment
    • Explore how to make your saboteurs work for you

    Week 4 – Stepping into Our Powers “Leader Within & Allies”

    We often forget the immense powers within us, the “Leader Within & Allies”. Stepping into this connects you to your internal power to express a rich, authentic, and fulfilled life. During this session, we will:

    • Identify the full range of your abilities and powers, and discover how to use them to overcome personal and professional barriers
    • Complete the “Leader Within Visualisation” and connect to the qualities of your “Leader Within”
    • Identify and access “Allies” most useful at a given moment

    Week 5 – Break – Time for Reflection

    You will have a break during this week. We will not have a group call but we want you to use this time to reflect on what you have learned and experienced. This week serves also as an invitation to connect to the creative, artistic, and playful side of yourself and use your inner and outer resources.

    Week 6 – Connecting to Our Heart Intelligence & Intuition

    The journey towards our own leadership begins the moment we develop the skills of tuning-in, listening to, and following our hearts. Intuition is a powerful tool for creative ideas, deep insights, innovative solutions, and decision making. During this session, we will:

    • Learn how to expand your Heart Wave
    • Understand your unique “Inner Guiding Systems”
    • Understand the power of Intuition and how to use it consistently

    Week 7 – Finding Balance: Making Powerful Choices

    We often believe that our circumstances control our lives. In this session, we will explore what it means to find balance and become conscious that we can make life-giving choices. We will also learn to:

    • Understand the “Circle of Control & Circle of Concern” and differentiate between being reactive or initiative-taking
    • Explore how to bring balance and make choices that make us feel alive, effective, and empowered, and choose the experiences we want most

    Week 8 – Building Meaningful Relationships

    Meaningful relationships strengthen our feelings of control and confidence. Our ability to communicate clearly, effectively, openly, and compassionately is key for building these deeper and meaningful connections. During this session we will:

    • What it means to bring emotional safety, vulnerability, and trust into your relationships
    • How creating agreements can foster healthy relationships
    • The third entity exercise

    Week 9 – Continuing the Journey – What’s Next

    This session celebrates YOU, your learnings, the things you are proud about, where the journey has brought you and where you want to go. On our last session, we will:

    • Explore how to integrate all what we have learned and continue to deepen your learning
    • Explore how we can continue to inspire and support each other.
    • A brief about: Empowering Women in Leadership (Online Programme and RAISE Executive Coaching)

    Your Executive Coaches

    Pari Namazie

    Pari Namazie


    Pari has over 20 years experience as an executive coach, leadership facilitator and organisational improvement consultant.

    Pari works with global companies, executive teams and leaders, supporting them at all stages, starting from new leaders in transition through identifying next career moves and exit strategies. Pari also works with executive teams to improve trust and dialogue, enhance vision and execute strategy. She supports them as a trusted advisor in communication, corporate culture, leading across cultures, and building transparency.

    Pari holds a PhD in International Human Resources Management (2007) and a BA (Hons) in Business Studies from Middlesex Business School in London.

    Salma Zarroug

    Salma Zarroug


    Salma is a Certified Professional Coach, HR Advisor, Humanitarian and Author. In a career spanning over 20 years, she thrives in multi-cultural environments having worked in Private, United Nations and International Organisations and lived in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

    She collaborates with organisations on areas of talent acquisition and development. As a coach, she supports professionals and aspiring leaders tap into their inner powers and form new life visions and career goals.

    Salma holds a Master’s in Human Resource Management and Development. Her research on women’s career advancement and the glass ceiling ignited her passion to support women realise their full potential. She co-authored the book “Women Who Inspire” about overcoming obstacles and leading change in the world.

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    Registration date: Early bird registration until 18 March. Normal registration: 19-28 March. Registration closes 28 March.

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