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Shaping intelligent business decisions


At EUNEPA, we are dedicated to shaping intelligent business decisions to create confidence and excellence in a VUCA world.

VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – all four characteristics that businesses continue to face in today’s increasingly charged environments, making it difficult to keep pace and create new growth.

By applying a multi-disciplinary approach, we provide comprehensive solutions to different strategic risks and organizational challenges to help you transform uncertainties into opportunities.

With over two decades of experience, the EUNEPA network has long-standing resources, clients and stakeholders, and draws on-the-ground sources in challenging landscapes where information is often difficult to access. Together with our clients, we co-create individually tailored solutions based on actionable intelligence to deliver concrete actions and make intelligent business decisions with confidence.

EUNEPA at a glance

      • Independent boutique consulting firm


      • Wide international network of associates


      • Multi-disciplinary approach


      • International reach, with a focus on VUCA markets


      • Languages: English, German, Persian, Azeri, Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian

years of consulting experience

industries with 200+ completed projects

leaders coached and leadership teams facilitated

different nationalities of clients


How can we optimize your business opportunities?