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Executive and Business Coaching

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What is coaching with EUNEPA?

There are many types of coaching, from life coaching, career coaching to business coaching. At EUNEPA, we focus on executive and business coaching, both for individuals and teams. We work with all levels, from aspiring leaders all the way to seasoned managers and those transitioning into another chapter of their professional lives.

On Coaching | A Note from Pari

Once upon a time, if you had said, “I have a coach,” the response would have been “Oh, which sport?”

I still have the image of a steely-eyed Clint Eastwood in Million Dollar Baby in mind, encouraging Hilary Swank to work harder, be better, push every boundary, to be the best version of herself that she could ever be. Although that story didn’t have a happy-ever-after ending, Hilary Swank did reach her true potential.

Coaching has been around for many decades. It has evolved from the sports coach, to the corrective coach (“You must have a problem, I am here to fix you”), and finally to the enabling coach (“I’ll accompany you every step of the way to enable you to reach your potential”). A coach supports you through your life journey.

My role is to listen to you, to ask and support you in connecting with your inner voice, to be curious about the times you fall down and the times you get up, to explore the learning behind the bruises and scars, to train muscles to become stronger, to know where, what and how they are connected and aligned with the whole body.

It is the desire to support a person or team to discover, align and deeply connect with their values, purpose and inner leader to live a fulfilled life.

Dr. Pari Namazie

EUNEPA Managing Partner and a certified Executive Coach | LinkedIn

We Support Leaders and Teams

The one constant in life is transition. From the moment we are born, we experience change, transformation and transition. As with every change, some things excite us and some things make us anxious. Do we have the right tools, skills and attitude to navigate the next transition? What pushes us forward? What helps us overcome our fear? What holds us back?

Coaching is never onesizefitsall, there is no one solution for every person. Each person and their journey is unique. A coach’s role is to listen, to hold space, to question, to build awareness, to challenge, to empathize, to spar, to have the hard talks and to support.

Some of the common concerns include:

Being under constant pressure, how can I make time to inspire others?

How can I have greater impact and influence?

I am constantly asked to deliver more with less. How do I achieve this?

How can I build trust with a new team?

I have no time. How can I prioritise and  maintain a better work-life balance?

How can I be seen as an authentic leader?

EUNEPA’s Coaching Process

Discovery session

We start with a discovery session to understand what the individual client / or the team wants out of coaching, what their goals and objectives are, and what outcome they would like to see at the end of the coaching period. It is also an opportunity to feel the chemistry and energy between coach and client. 

Identifying relevant topics

Some client topics include:

  • Being under constant pressure, how can I make time to inspire and motivate others?
  • I am always putting out daily fires and have no time to work on strategic issues. How do I prioritise?
  • How can I be seen as an authentic leader?
  • How can I build trust with a new team?
  • How can I assert authority but also remain humble?
  • I am constantly asked to deliver more with less. How do I achieve this?
  • How can I have greater influence and impact with stakeholders?
  • I have no time for my personal life or to continue my professional development. How can I maintain a better work-life balance?

We also work as an internal coach to leadership teams. This involves both team coaching as well as individually coaching members within a leadership team.

An internal coach supports different managers and leaders within the company. Each coaching discussion is strictly confidential. The benefit of an internal coach is that he/ she comes with a deeper knowledge and awareness of the organisation, its values, culture and objectives. This creates an added level of trust and confidence between client and coach.

EUNEPA’s Coaching Focus



(roughly3month coaching relationship)

Builds awareness of self, the inner leader, values, saboteurs.


  • Discovery session
  • 6 (1 hour) sessions
  • Coaching report of outcomes at end of the coaching period



(roughly a 6month coaching relationship)

Builds awareness of self, the inner leader, values, saboteurs. Works on behavioral change, greater impact and influence.


  • Discovery session
  • 12 (1 hour) sessions
  • Coaching summary and outcomes at end of coaching period



(roughly a 9-month coaching relationship)

Builds awareness of self, the inner leader, values, saboteurs. Work on deeper behavioral change, impact and influence. Evoke transformation, self-directed learning and leadership development. 


  • Discovery session
  • 24 (1 hour) sessions
  • Coaching summary & outcomes at 6 months & the end
  • In-depth leadership assessment
  • Tailor-made learning and development plan
  • 12-month access to RAISE Learning & RAISE Coaching




(coaching relationship length depending on client needs)

Some coaching relationships start with a set number of sessions and then evolve into long-term coaching relationships, supporting the person through their career and career transitions. Some of these are throughout the entire career of the person’s life. This option is based on individual needs and discussion between coach and client.

EUNEPA’s Coaching Engagements

While we do general executive coaching, we also support leaders in transition and development. Depending on the needs of the individual or company, they can choose different coaching focus areas as below.

Leadership Coaching for Impact, Presence and Influence

3-12 month coaching engagement (Awareness-Impact-Transformation)

  • Discovery session
  • Clarification of goals and outcomes
  • Scheduled coaching sessions with clear outcomes

The Trusted Advisor – Internal Coach

6-12 month coaching engagement

  • Working as an internal coach to an organisation
  • Coaching the leadership and management team
  • Clarifying confidentiality, goals, outcomes and reporting updates to management
  • Discovery and scheduled coaching sessions with each individual

Leaders in Transition – The 90 Day Plan

3-6 month coaching engagement (Awareness-Impact)

  • Design and execute a 30-60-90 day plan
  • Prioritise goals, actions, deliverables in each 30 days
  • Coach for awareness and impact
  • Identify leadership assessment tools to finetune leadership goals and development areas

Leadership Development

3-12 month coaching engagement (Awareness-Impact-Transformation)

Our Network of Coaches

Our network of coaches come from the Co-Active Training Institute. They are all ICF accredited coaches located globally and therefore can be easily assigned to you wherever you are.

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