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Excellence comes from experience

Our Story

EUNEPA’s roots go back to 1994, when the partners Pari Namazie and Bijan Khajehpour set up a small management consulting in Tehran called Atieh Bahar Consulting (ABC). As the Iranian market gained in significance for international companies in the 1990s, ABC also grew and by the early 2000s, ABC became the prime Iranian consulting firm to advise international investors on strategy, issues management, risk mitigation etc. ABC grew and created the Atieh Group, which in the 2000s included five companies responding to client needs in all relevant issues such as strategy, legal aspects, human resource management consulting and outsourcing. 

The intensification of external sanctions in 2007/2008 led to the departure of many European companies from Iran. To be able to work with their European clients, in 2010 Pari and Bijan moved to Vienna and set up Atieh International, which continued the same logic and offered Iran-related strategic consulting services to European companies.

EUNEPA – A New Outlook

EUNEPA is the continuation of Atieh International which is taking the principals of Atieh to a new level by covering Eurasia as a region and going far beyond Iran as the main market of interest. Our new region has expanded to Eurasia and West Asia and how these markets relate to European and international companies. 

Our 25+ year experience shows that understanding the various risk elements in new markets, especially in Eurasian countries, will help companies reduce uncertainties and focus on the core business activities to generate value.

Our journey now continues as an Austrian consulting firm looking to act as a Nexus between European and Eurasian business communities. 

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