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I. EUNEPA Learning Platform FAQ
1. Where can I access EUNEPA Learning?

You can log in at learning.eunepa.com

Tip: Bookmark the link to find it easier in the future!

2. Where can I see my progress? Why does it not show my progress?

To see your progress, you have to finish the whole module, including the test. After you have completed the test, you will be able to see that you have completed the module.

If you want to check your progress of completed modules:

1. Click on the right bottom side of the learning module

2. All your modules in that chosen programme will appear and you can check your progress.

You can also find your completed modules in your Learning Dashboard (see question 4).

3. What can I do in the Dashboard / Home?

The dashboard shows you:

  • Your modules and the deadlines (in red, on the picture of the module / program)
  • Your deadlines
  • Your achieved trophies

4. What can I do in my Learning Dashboard?

If you click on your Learning Dashboard, it shows you:

  • The required / optional / completed modules / program
  • Your learning developmet

5. Where do I see my rewards?

If you click on Rewards on the top menu, you can see:

  • Trophies
    • Trophies
    • Completion (which programs you have completed so far)
    • Log (what trophies you have achieved so far)
  • Certificates

When you have earned a trophy it will just pop up on your screen like this:

6. I got an error message — what can I do?

Could you please hard refresh your browser and try again? Remember to let it fully load before you click anything in the course.

Hard refresh:

  • Windows: ctrl + F5
  • Mac/Apple: command + shift + R

If this does not solve your problem, please see question 10.

7. Browser requirements for Skillsoft and Video Arts SCORM content

Browser settings required to play SCORM modules at EUNEPA Learning.

Our LMS platform supports SCORM content from multiple providers, including Video Arts, Micro Learn, and Skillsoft.

To ensure a smooth user experience, uninterrupted engagement, and for the content to load, individual users’ browsers must be equipped with the minimum requirements.

Video Arts minimum requirements:

Browser: Support is given to the latest version of the following browsers and platforms:

  • Firefox (Mac, Windows)
  • Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Safari (Mac, iOS)
  • Opera (Mac, Windows)
  • Internet Explorer (Windows)

Cookies: Permitted 

Javascript: Enabled

Popup Blocking: Disabled/Exception allowed

Minimum screen resolution: 480 x 720 

Bandwidth: 2 Mbs minimum

Allowed domains

Web content delivered from the below URLs which must be allowed through your network:




Skillsoft’s minimum requirements can be found on this website:


8. I forgot my password! What can I do?

Go to learning.eunepa.com/forgotpassword and submit the email address you signed up with. A new activation link will be sent to you.

You can also go to the login page learning.eunepa.com and click the link next to “Forgot your password”.

9. How can I download transcripts of course modules?

Although the videos of the course units cannot be downloaded, it is possible to access the course content in the form of transcripts for review and note-taking.

Step one: Quick access to Transcripts (click on the writing icon circled in blue).

Choose either the Topic Transcript of the current video, or the Course Transcript as circled in the screenshot below:

When you click on the Course Topic for example, a navigation menu is generated for you to easily browse the full transcripts of each video within the course module:

By clicking on Print on the top right-hand corner, you can download the transcript by saving it as a .pdf or you can have a normal print-out copy.


N.B. The videos cannot be downloaded from EUNEPA Learning.

10. I need immediate help please. / My question is not covered in the FAQ.

Please send us an email at learning@eunepa.com and we will try to respond asap during our working hours Monday to Friday.

We are always updating our FAQs for EUNEPA Learning and we welcome your input. 

II. EUNEPA Women Leadership Programme FAQ
1. What is included in the programme?

Each programme consists of five online modules and one hour of RAISE coaching. The modules consist of video material, transcripts and job aids, as well as a RAISE form for reflection.

2. If signing up for all three programmes, can I access them at the same time?

When registering, we ask for your time commitment and adjust the programme to your individual needs. This means that you can take the entire programme in three weeks, with one hour RAISE coaching each week, or in three months, depending on your schedule.

3. For how long will you have access to the programme once signed up?

You have access to each programme for 30 days to ensure accountability. In case this does not work for you, we can extend the deadline.

4. Who will be my coach?

You can choose from our list of international RAISE coaches.

5. Are there notes I can get for the course material?

Many of the modules provide notes and other resources called Job Aids. These can be found when you click on Resources in the Table of Contents. These Job Aids can be printed out for future reference.

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