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Iran Cost of Living

(Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan)

The Iranian economy is used to an inflationary environment.  International companies and organizations operating in Iran need to understand the dynamics of price developments and their impact on their operations, salary adjustments and economic decisions.

The Iran Cost of Living Report (ICOL) is produced twice a year in January and July in order to offer a snapshot to clients on the inflationary developments in the market.  The data is gathered through primary research by Eunepa staff and analyzed and presented through various tables and graphs.  Furthermore, inflation figures are presented for different scenarios, i.e. inflation of Iranian or foreign products, inflation of various goods and services categories etc.

This survey is designed to assist companies to:

●  Know about the latest status of Iran’s economy

●  Develop better local/expatriate compensation packages

●  Identify incentives, retention factors

Report Details

Iran Cost of Living

Year: 2019

Document: PDF


Single Tehran report: €1,000
Annual subscription (2 issues) Tehran report: €1,500
Quarterly Tehran report: €2,250
Shiraz/Isfahan reports: 10% added to above prices
Other cities: Upon request

Features & Who Benefits

●  Executive summary
●  Quick economic overview
●  Full price list and survey details
●  Three different price ranges from low-budget to luxury products, lowest to highest
●  Comparison between domestic and imported prices
●  Comprehensive and easy to use graphs and tables

●  International school education fees
●  Business travel expenses
●  Extended accommodation in different districts
●  Full range of automotive prices

●  Foreign companies operating in Iran
●  Firms planning to invest in Iran
●  Executives devising budgets for Iran operations
●  International organizations / embassies

Table of Contents

Executive Summary




  • Breads, Grains, Flour & Cereals
  • Meat & Poultry
  • Milk, Dairy Products and Eggs
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Cooking Oils
  • Nuts & Beans
  • Tea, Coffee, Sugar & Confectionary
  • Condiments, Paste & Seasoning
  • Beverages & Tobacco

Clothing & Shoes

  • Men’s Apparel & Shoes
  • Women’s Apparel & Shoes
  • Children’s Apparel & Shoes

Rented Accommodations

  • Apartments 60-80 Sq. Meter
  • Apartments 110-120 Sq. Meter
  • Apartments 150-170 Sq. Meter

Furniture and Household Appliances

  • Furniture
  • Household Appliances
  • Kitchen (Misc.)
  • Cleaning Material
  • Electronics
  • Health & Beauty
  • Medical Services
  • Leisure, Entertainmanet & Sports
  • Miscellaneous
  • Business Travel Expenses

Transport, Communication and Utilities

  • New vs. Used Automobiles
  • Commuting Means
  • Domestic-made (Assembled) Automotive Prices
  • Car Insurance (Third Party)
  • Car Insurance (Liability)


  • International Schools
  • Iranian Schools


  • Latest Economic Indicators
  • Tehran BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) & Subway Maps

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