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Strategic Significance of Relations Between Turkey, Iran and Russia

This report offers insight into the economic and energy relations between Turkey, Iran and Russia. It aims to provide an overview of key strategic and geopolitical developments in the mentioned relations and elaborate on their implications and significance for the international business community.

Experts agree that besides China and India, three other states, i.e. Russia, Turkey and Iran play a prominent role in the emergence of new geopolitical realities and the so-called post-western global order. While all three countries have had long historical ties, one can see further increase in their respective bilateral relations.

This report is designed to assist companies to:

●  Understand the dynamics between the three powers

●  Identify opportunities for future strategic decisions

●  Identify and prepare for potential risks for future strategic decisions

Report Details

Strategic Significance of Relations Between Turkey, Iran and Russia

Year: 2019

Document: PDF

Price: €3,000
Discounted price: €1,500

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


The Triangle's Economic Scope

  • Turkey’s Regional Policies
  • Relationship Between Iran and Turkey
  • Relationship Between Turkey and Russia
  • Important Facts About Turkey’s External Trade
    • Table 1: Turkey’s Trade Volume with Its Top Trading Partners – 2017
  • Turkey’s Energy Sector
    • Map 1: Turkey’s Major Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Grid
  • Turkey’s Electricity Sector
    • Table 2: Turkey’s Electricity Data
    • Map 2: Turkey’s Nuclear Power Plants
  • Iran’s Regional Policies
  • Relationship Between Russia and Iran
    • Map 3: Caspian Legal Regime
  • Important Facts About Iran’s External Trade
    • Table 3: Iran’S Trade Volume with Its Top Trading Partners – 2017
    • Graph 1: Iran-Turkey Trade Volume (in million US$)
    • Graph 2: Iran-Russia Trade Volume (in million US$)
  • Iran’s Energy Sector
    • Map 4: Iran’s Gas Pipeline Grid
  • Iran’s Electricity Sector
    • Graph 3: Iranian Total Oil and Gas Liquids Production and Consumption 2007-2017
    • Graph 4: Iranian Total Gas Production since 1970
  • Important Facts About Russia’s External Trade
    • Table 4: Russia’s Trade Volume with Its Top Trading Partners – 2017
    • Graph 5: Russia-Turkey Trade Volume (in million US$)
  • Russia’s Regional Policies
  • Russia’s Energy Sector
    • Graph 6: Russia’s Primary Energy Consumption – 2017
    • Graph 7: Russian Total Oil Production and Consumption
    • Graph 8: Russian Total Gas Production and Consumption
    • Map 5: Russia’s Oil & Gas Pipelines
  • Russia’s Electricity Sector
    • Map 6: Russia’s Nuclear Power Plants

Opportunities for International Business

Conclusions and Outlook

Appendix – Top Foreign Visitors Arriving in Turkey

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