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Empowering Women in Leadership

Online Programme and RAISE Executive Coaching
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Develop your individual leadership style and lead with impact

  • How can I be assertive, yet stay true to my values?
  • How do I lead with impact and influence using my strengths beyond gender-based expectations?
  • How do I get recognised and promoted, while being myself?

Leave the programme empowered with awareness of your strengths and with skills to lead with confidence and manage work-life balance.

The course was very relevant and useful, I learnt new approaches and insights. The course material was rich and thought-provoking. I will definitely revisit it and reflect on my takeaways and learning. Each programme (awareness, confidence and balance) was well structured, concise, with valuable content. In addition to the course material, my learning was deepened through coaching and reflection.

I strongly recommend this course for women leaders. It is useful in every aspect of our leadership journey, whether you are a young or experienced leader.

Elizabeth Saenz

Liaison Officer, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Geneva

What Will You Gain?

As female leaders and managers in transition or with 3+ years of management experience, you will gain:

Self-awareness of your unique leadership style

Assertiveness and confidence


Influence and impact

Visibility and presence


Communicating vision

Work-life balance

What Will You Gain?

As women leaders, managers in transition or managers with 3+ years of experience, you will gain:

Transform Your Leadership Style in 3 Stages

Women still face unique challenges and work-life demands. Research shows that women leaders often lack confidence and are harder on themselves, despite being rated as more effective in critical leadership areas.

This programme is designed to take a deeper look at your leadership style, raise awareness on your strengths and inner wisdom, and empower you with skills to lead with confidence and manage work-life balance.

Benefit from the EUNEPA RAISE model (reflect, awaken, impact, sustain and empower), which combines self-paced learning with a coach to keep you accountable during your learning journey. Together, explore how to apply your learning to your personal context and how to achieve sustainable outcomes

You can choose from our list of international RAISE coaches to find the best fit for your personality, learning style and needs.

Pre-Programme – Discovery Session and Learning Objectives

Time commitment: 1.5 hours

Initial coaching discussion to discover where you are and what your desired outcomes from this programme are. It includes a designed alliance of how you and your coach will work together and a timeframe for future coaching sessions.

Programme 1 – Awareness

Time commitment: 4.5 hours (including online modules, reflection and RAISE coaching)

Become aware of which skills you are using and which you are suppressing due to gender-based expectations. By identifying your full set of strengths, develop your unique leadership style.

  1. Module: Choosing to Lead as a Woman
  2. Module: Uncovering and Utilizing Your Talents and Skills
  3. Module: Mastering Leadership Competencies
  4. RAISE Coaching Session (60 min)
  5. Module: Assessing Your Leadership Performance
  6. Module: Women in Leadership – Building Your Infrastructure for Leadership
  7. RAISE Coaching Session (60 min)

Programme 2 – Confidence

Time commitment: 4.5 hours (including online modules, reflection and RAISE coaching)

Increase your confidence to lead with impact, influence and personal power, while staying aligned to your values. 

  1. Module: Gender and Leadership
  2. Module: Establishing Self-confidence for Life
  3. Module: Leading through Positive Influence
  4. RAISE Coaching Session (60 min)
  5. Module: Moving Beyond Gender Roles as a Leader
  6. Module: Personal Power and Credibility
  7. RAISE Coaching Session (60 min)

Programme 3 – Balance

Time commitment: 5 hours (including online modules, reflection and RAISE coaching)

Balance your personal commitments and work, learn to focus on priorities and overcome perfectionism to stay agile, healthy and thriving.

  1. Module: Career and Family Challenges for Women Leaders
  2. Module: Taking Stock of Your Work/Life Balance
  3. Module: Learning From Failure
  4. RAISE Coaching Session (60 min)
  5. Module: Maximize Your Productivity by Managing Time and Tasks
  6. Module: Staying Balanced in a Shifting World
  7. RAISE Coaching Session (60 min)

Bonus: Group Learning & Reflection with Women Leaders

Time commitment: 3 hours (1 hour after each programme)

Depending on group availabilities, share, deepen and reflect on your learning with other women leaders going through the programme and learn from each other’s experience.

Post-Programme: Closing RAISE Coaching Session

Time commitment: 1 hour

The closing sessin is a review of the complete programme using the RAISE coaching model to ensure your objectives have been met and you can continue your leadership journey.

Choose Your Programme

Free Module: Self-Confidence for Life

  • Get 30-day access to the module “Establishing Self-Confidence for Life”
  • Book a free 30-minute RAISE coaching session


Access free module

3-Month Women in Leadership Programme

  • 12 hours of guided and self-paced learning with reflection
  • 6 hours of executive RAISE coaching
  • 3 hours of group reflection
  • Expert career advice webinar

1-Year Personal Leadership Development Plan

  • Leadership assessment
  • Design of a 12-month personal leadership development plan with actionable outcomes
  • 4 hours of executive coaching
  • 4 hours of quarterly RAISE coaching

Access Your Free Module Now

Online module: Establishing Self-Confidence for Life (24 mins)

  • What is self-confidence?
  • How confident do you seem to others?
  • Showing a healthy level of self-confidence
  • Assessing your current self-confidence level
  • Building your self-confidence
  • Even healthy self-confidence needs maintenance

At the end, you get to book a free 30-minute RAISE session to get coached for accountability, impact and sustainability. 

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