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Learning & Development Strategy

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RAISE Coaching

Addressing Your Priorities


How do we foster a growth mindset to increase collaboration, problem-solving and initiative?

Business growth

How do we build the necessary skills for our next generation leaders?

Talent retention

What balance between professional and personal development do we need?

My top priorities as a manager and organisation are

Increase performance and efficiency

Increase problem-solving and innovation skills

Talent development and retention

Fostering a learning culture for continued innovation


Better collaboration, communication and initiative

My top priorities as an individual are

Meeting my performance objectives / KPIs

To develop as a person, build confidence and be more self-aware

To have more impact and influence


Improve my skills and learn new processes

Increasing opportunities for my career development

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Alvin Toffler (US writer, futurist, businessman)

Master your Learning with the RAISE Coaching Model

Research shows that most leadership development programmes fail. The most common reason for failure is that while leaders are supported through the training programme in the short term, however, behaviour change takes time and warrants a longer, more supportive process.

EUNEPA has developed the RAISE Coaching Model for Leadership Development, which supports leaders through:

Building awareness through reflection

To awaken your authentic leader within and activate your inner strength

To lead with greater impact and self confidence

To master the tools to sustain the learning, impact and transformation

And finally consolidating this into actionable outcomes to empower yourself and others 

The EUNEPA Learning Process


1. Assessment of needs

Identifying learning needs through discussion with the organisation and leader aligned with leadership development goals.


2. Curated learning content

Curating tailor-made learning packages based on the needs assessment.

3. Facilitated learning

Supporting the leader to reach their learning goals through regular follow-up and tracking progress.

4. RAISE coaching towards set goals

The EUNEPA RAISE Coaching model ensures the leader stays accountable to their learning journey, their learning has an impact and is sustainable to them and their organisation.

EUNEPA Programmes Include


Time Management and Productivity

Crisis Management

Leading in a Crisis

(Virtual) Team Building


Leadership Essentials

Leading Remotely

Digital Leadership

Tailor-Made Management Programmes

Tailor-Made Leadership Programmes

Tailor-Made Team Learning Programmes

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