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The Future Belongs to Those Who Learn

Leaders need to develop to stay relevant, but in today’s VUCA world, time has become our most limited resource. Although leaders are sent on reputable executive development programs, many times retaining and implementing their learning is shortlived.

Due to this trend, we set up the EUNEPA Learning platform, which offers tailormade learning based on each leader’s learning style, pain points and business needs

Learn Anywhere, Anytime – With Accountability, Impact and Sustainability


Stay on track and reach your learning goals with the EUNEPA AIS model (Accountability, Impact, Sustainability). This allows you to combine a self-paced learning approach with an executive coach, who keeps you accountable during your learning journey. Book a free demo

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Alvin Toffler (US writer, futurist, businessman)

The EUNEPA Learning Process


1. Assessment of needs

Identifying learning needs through discussion with the organisation and leader aligned with leadership development goals.


2. Curated learning content

Curating tailor-made learning packages based on the needs assessment.

3. Facilitated learning

Supporting the leader to reach their learning goals through regular follow-up and tracking progress.

4. AIS coaching towards set goals

The EUNEPA AIS model (Accountability-Impact-Sustainability) ensures the leader stays accountable to their learning journey, their learning has an impact and is sustainable to them and their organisation.

EUNEPA Programmes Include


Time Management and Productivity

Crisis Management

Leading in a Crisis

(Virtual) Team Building


Leadership Essentials

Leading Remotely

Digital Leadership

Tailor-Made Management Programmes

Tailor-Made Leadership Programmes

Tailor-Made Team Learning Programmes

EUNEPA Learning Packages


Access to 6 curated programmes over a 3-month period


Access to 30 curated programmes available for a 12-month period

Optional add-on

  • Development plan
  • 3 AIS-coaching sessions (1 hour each)


Full access to the EUNEPA Learning platform for a 6-month period

Optional add-on

  • Development plan
  • 6 AIS-coaching sessions (1 hour each)


    Full access to the EUNEPA Learning platform for a 12-month period

    Optional add-on

        • Development plan
        • 12 AIS-coaching sessions (1 hour each)

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